Donna Gehringer is the Community Investments Director for Livingston County United Way.  As a catalyst for community change, Livingston County United Way identifies the most critical needs and mobilizes the resources required to meet those needs.  The organization is focused on collective impact and dedicated to creating lasting solutions in three focus areas – Financial Stability, Community Wellness, and Every Child Ready.

Ms. Gehringer works with many local human service agencies, businesses, and organizations, and serves on several multi-sector collaborative workgroups and projects within the scope of these issues.  These experiences over the last several years have resulted in a comprehensive knowledge of the community and strong working relationships with agencies, organizations, churches, government offices, service clubs, businesses, and others.  This, in turn, has set the stage for significant change in the organization – from fundraiser to community impact organization.

Ms. Gehringer also has an extensive financial background having worked 18 years with a local community bank in many different positions and departments.  She is a long-time resident of Livingston County with many ties to the community.

Ms. Gehringer holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.