Joyce Powers currently serves on the Board of Directors for Child Connect for Family Success in Livingston County and prior to this she served four terms on the Brighton Board of Education.

Before retirement in 1995, Joyce worked for 25 years as a media specialist and teacher in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  During her time there, she was granted a sabbatical which focused on public relations.  Prior to moving to Brighton in 1967, the Powers family was involved in education and administration and still continues their commitment to both.

Joyce believes that a research-based, quality childcare/education experience for every child will have a profound impact on the well-being and economic development of the community, nation and world.

Using her research, collaboration and creative skills, Joyce has participated in community work including:  2002 Founder and Council Chair of Brighton Area Women’s History Roll of Honor; spearheads “Brighton…Naturally” through the Brighton District Library; served on Advantage Livingston Steering Committee and currently serves on Advantage Livingston Brain Power Committee.

Ms. Powers received a BA and MA from the University of Michigan and an MA in Education Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.