Livingston Promise LogoHow does a preschool program qualify for Livingston Promise?

Great Start Livingston, Early Education and Community Professionals Committee oversees the guidelines that qualifies programs.

To qualify, providers must be licensed and in good standing with licensing requirements. They must use an approved curriculum model and welcome unannounced visits. They must achieve and maintain 4-5 stars as measured with the Great Start to Quality System.

To qualify, programs must also meet other guidelines to be determined by the Great Start Livingston, Early Education and Community Professionals Committee.


Livingston Promise LogoWhat does it mean for a program once it qualifies for Livingston Promise?

Qualified providers will receive support that includes access to trainings, resources, parent education opportunities and professional support for challenging behaviors.


Livingston Promise LogoWho runs Livingston Promise?

Livingston Promise is a 501(c)3 organization.  This community effort is being directed by partners representing various areas of the community.

Child Connect for Family Success oversees the application process for both providers and children.

Great Start Livingston oversees the administration of Livingston Promise, making sure:

  • The highest-needs children are being enrolled
  • There is an expansion of access
  • Providers are qualified
  • Children receive quality early childhood education
  • Partners are supporting and providing resources for children, families and early childhood providers
  • Efforts are connecting to school readiness


Livingston Promise LogoWhat do Livingston Promise programs provide?

Livingston Promise provides high-quality, 3-hour-a-day, 5-day-a-week programs, as well as wrap-around services when appropriate.


Livingston Promise LogoHow did Livingston Promise get started?

The expansion of early childhood education as an economic development tool is part of the Advantage Livingston plan, completed in 2012. Advantage Livingston is the Livingston County Strategic Growth Plan, completed after a series of public workshops and meetings that involved over 800 people over the course of a year.

One of the strategies of the plan is to build on the foundation of Great Start Livingston: Early Childhood.


Livingston Promise LogoCan my child go to any preschool in Livingston County under the Livingston Promise program?

Livingston Promise scholarships can be used to access high-quality preschool programs who participate with Livingston Promise.


Livingston Promise LogoIs Livingston Promise a government program?

No. Livingston Promise may receive governmental funding through grants, but it is a self-sustaining program currently run through Great Start Livingston and the Livingston Educational Service Agency.  It accepts funding through public and private grants, as well as individual and corporate donations.


Livingston Promise LogoHow does Livingston Promise fit in with the Great Start Readiness and Head Start  programs?

Livingston Promise will fund preschool slots alongside the slots for children funded by the government. Head Start receives federal funding, and Great Start Readiness Program receives state funding.