Our History

Livingston Promise’s History

Our HistoryThe expansion of early childhood education as an economic development tool is part of the Advantage Livingston plan, completed in 2012. Advantage Livingston is the Livingston County Strategic Growth Plan, completed after a series of public workshops and meetings that involved over 800 people over the course of a year.

One of the strategies of the plan is to build on the foundation of Great Start Livingston:Early Childhood.

“A successful community — one with a competitive and skilled workforce — converts brainpower into wealth by harnessing effective innovation and supporting entrepreneurship. We will ensure that every child in our community gets a great start on an education.” Advantage Livingston: A Plan for Thriving Together in the New Economy, April 2011, from the Advantage Livingston report 

Under the leadership of Great Start Livingston, Livingston Promise was born.