Little Howellers 4.2015

Thanks to individuals and organizations who invested in Livingston Promise, we were able to provide scholarships to ten (10) Livingston County three-year-old children who may have otherwise not had the opportunity to have a quality preschool experience.

This experience has provided immeasurable value to both the children and their families.

“My child’s speech has improved a lot since starting preschool.”

       “This has been such a blessing to our family!  We have watched our daughter blossom!”

“Preschool has helped in so many fantastic ways.  Her speech has become clearer, she has learned problem solving skills, how to take direction, how to behave in a school setting and a better understanding of social situations.  She has gained confidence and her knowledge about things has greatly expanded.”

According to the 2015 Parent Survey, adults in 50% of the Livingston Promise families were able to continue or start employment or their education.

Livingston Promise partnered with five (5) local preschools this school year including:  Little Howeller’s (Howell), Little Country Kids (Howell) Crossroads Learning Center (Howell), Little Saints (Hartland) and Little Glads (Fowlerville).  Providers had this to say:

“We have seen a lot of social and emotional growth in the children, especially in problem solving and conflict resolution.”

“In addition to strengthening basic social skills such as taking turns and communication, these students have learned how to compromise, be respectful of others and problem-solve.”

“The children have developed into confident, curious learners ready to take their next steps in a life-long love of learning!”

Funding for scholarships is garnered through private donations by businesses, community organizations and individuals.  As we continue to grow funding we can offer more scholarships to more families in Livingston County.

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