Little Glads 4.2017

Thanks to individuals and organizations who invested in Livingston Promise, we were able to provide scholarships to ten (10) Livingston County three-year-old children for the 2016-17 school-year.  Without this scholarship, these children may not have otherwise had the opportunity to have had a quality preschool experience.

Quality early childhood experiences are the foundation of the cognitive and character skills children must have to persist in school and be successful in college, career and life.  Here are what a few parents had to say:

“My son is a whole new child. Because of his speech delay coming into this school year he had a large learning curve in speech and socialization when he started last fall. He is coming to the close of this year with a better attitude, extremely improved speech and a more comprehensive understanding of social dynamic among his peers and non-familial adults. I could not be happier with the results and am very thankful for the opportunity this scholarship provided.”

“We are immensely grateful for the program as it assisted in allowing our child the opportunity to experience a classroom setting and introduction him to education. It also allowed me the opportunity to attend pertinent college courses to pursue a degree.”

Livingston Promise partnered with 6 local preschools this year including:  Little Country Kids (Howell), Down on the Farm (Pinckney), Little Glads (Fowlerville), Little Friends (Whitmore Lake), Tot Spot (Brighton) and Howell Early Learning Center (Howell).  Our providers all reported significant improvement in the social emotional development of the children throughout the year. See what a couple of our providers shared:  

“She has formed strong bonds with her teachers and made many new friends. She also showed improvement academically and socially. Her attention span has increased as well.”

“Our Livingston Promise child, as well as many others, have had much growth in their social development. The attention span is lengthening and their conversations are much more interesting.”

Positive social and emotional development provides a critical foundation for lifelong development and learning. In early childhood, social and emotional well-being predicts favorable social, behavioral, and academic adjustment into middle childhood and adolescence. It helps children navigate new environments, facilitates the development of supportive relationships with peers and adults, and supports their ability to participate in learning activities.  Read more on social & emotional development here.

Funding for scholarships is garnered through private donations by businesses, community organizations and individuals.  As we continue to grow funding we can offer more scholarships to more families in Livingston County.

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