2013-2014 Preschool Pilot

  • Received $25,000 Community Investments Initiative donation from Livingston County United Way to fund a one-year pilot program.
  • Partnered with the Head Start program and Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) to identify and select scholarship recipients based on the Head Start over-income wait list.
  • Seven (7) three-year old Livingston County children, who may have otherwise not had the opportunity to benefit from a quality preschool experience, were awarded scholarships.
  • Partnered with three Livingston County preschool providers who met quality requirements including minimum of 3 stars on Michigan’s Great Start to Quality Rating and Improvement Scale.
    1. Little Howeller’s (Howell)
    2. Little Glads (Fowlerville)
    3. Little Saints (Hartland)

Children in a Preschool Class at LESA


Survey Results

  • 5 Families indicated:  ‘My child would have been unable to attend preschool without this scholarship.”
  • 3 Families indicated – “I was able to continue or start employment or my education due to this scholarship.”
  • 100% of parents surveyed were extremely satisfied with the Livingston Promise scholarship/experience and with the preschool their child attended.

From Parents

“Without this scholarship my daughter would not have been able to attend preschool.  We were very pleased with the options that were available to our family to allow our daughter to get an early start on her education that she deserves.”

“Through this program our child interacts way better with other children and has learned to share and follow directions.”

“If he didn’t get this scholarship, his speech/language skills would not be as good and he would not have had the opportunity to interact/socialize with other kids.”

“Preschool would have been a luxury…been unable to afford without the scholarship. Our daughter really needed the social interaction preschool has afforded her.  She always told us nobody liked her which was awful for a three year old to believe.  She now has made friends and we rarely hear this from her anymore.  She has had problems with yelling at adults and hitting in anger and frustration.  We are seeing some improvement in these areas as well.”

“Thank you for affording our child the opportunity!  Without you, preschool was not an option!”

 From Providers

“The paperwork was very straightforward and the office (Livingston Promise) was helpful and available for questions throughout the process.  We were thrilled at the progress made by the children in the program.”  

“The children and their families seemed to appreciate being able to attend our preschool program.  The children were wonderful and had a very positive 3-year old preschool experience that their families might not have been able to afford without the assistance of the scholarship.”

From Livingston County United Way, July 2014

“We are very pleased with the success of the Livingston Promise Preschool Pilot”, said Nancy Rosso, Executive Director of Livingston County United Way.  “And we are extremely excited to expand our support of kindergarten readiness for local area children.  We are investing United Way donated dollars to match up to $25,000 in community donations, providing opportunities for additional children to experience quality early learning, beginning this fall.”